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Concrete Crushing

Concrete Crushing

The only option to dispose of concrete construction such as a road, sidewalk, parking lot, or slab in the past, and still in many situations today, was to demolish it and transport the remnants to a landfill. While this solves the immediate problem of what to do with the concrete, it also introduces other complications. Concrete is not biodegradable by nature. As a result, discarded concrete occupies permanent landfill space, contributing to environmental problems.

Crushed concrete starts by dismantling existing structures. This can include almost any type of concrete construction that would normally be disposed of in landfills, such as building slabs, curbs, foundations, and any other type of concrete structure. The demolition of the current structure begins with the use of industrial crushing equipment. The concrete is then struck once again to reduce its size. The concrete is screened at this phase to ensure that any dirt or other particles are removed before being segregated by size.

When concrete is recycled, it can be broken down into a number of different sizes. Because each size is better suited for specific types of work, you may get a lot of mileage out of recycled concrete.

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